Dominik Münch

born on october 26th, 1991 in bad mergentheim, germany. currently studying computer science at tu münchen and working as a working student at siemens. enjoys nice food, great coffee, skiing, bouldering and photography. interested in technology, art and architecture.


JavaScript AngularJS HTML5 CSS Bootstrap Java Swift Objective-C



Münch, D.; Krusche, S.: P2P-based real-time synchronization for the EMF Client, Bachelor's thesis, Technische Universität München, 2014.
Hauder, M.; Münch, D.; Michel, F.; Utz, A.; Matthes, F.: Examining Adaptive Case Management to Support Processes for Enterprise Architecture Management, 9th Trends in Enterprise Architecture Research Workshop (TEAR), Ulm, Germany, 2014.
Roth, S.; Hauder, M.; Münch, D.; Michel, F.; Matthes, F.: Facilitating Conflict Resolution of Models for Automated Enterprise Architecture Documentation, 19th Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS 2013), Chicago, Illinois, USA, 2013.

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